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Speaker Simulation - Back to the Future - Part 1

Software simulation and a bit of Hi-Fi nostalgia. Looking at a classic loudspeaker design1 and scrutinizing its performance by software simulation. With the help of an electrical model it's possible to analyze sound pressure/sensitivity, frequency response, step response and impedance. In part 2 we will ponder over the possible build of a "modern" version of the DQ20. Could it be improved and how?

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Dahlquist DQ20 1The Dahlquist DQ20 (pictured above) was one of the predecessors of the groundbreaking DQ10. Phase and time alignment was a big selling point in the classic Dahlquist loudspeakers. The DQ20 got excellent reviews and I also recall that the sound was very impressive. The style of the cabinet in my opinion is a design classic.

Binocular Simulator

Try and assess the very best binoculars virtually. With Alpha Binoculars Simulator you can view and compare color balance, low light capabilities, field of view, magnification and image stability/shake.

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Binoculars Simulator

FiNk - Fågelindikator

FiNk hämtar, analyserar och presenterar information från olika datakällor som t ex aktuell och statistisk data för antal fynd, vinduppgifter och havsnivå, och presenterar en bild av hur "fyndläget" för fåglar ser ut idag. Läget visas i form av flera olika indikatorer/mätare och som tips på aktuella arter i form av aviseringar.

FiNk collects, analyzes and presents information from various data sources such as current and statistical data for the number of findings, wind data and sea level, and presents a picture of what the "findings situation" for birds looks like today. The status is shown in the form of several different indicators/meters and as tips on current species in the form of notifications.

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Fink The hawfinch (Coccothraustes coccothraustes) is a passerine bird in the finch family Fringillidae. The hawfinch is a bulky bull-headed bird, which appears very short-tailed in flight. Its head is orange-brown with a black eyestripe and bib, and a massive bill.

Birdify! The Virtual Birding Assistant.

Birdify! analyzes your laptop audio and detects and identifies up to 6000 different bird species. Use it as a virtual birding assistant when you visit live nature Youtube-streams from all around the world, or listen to any other nature recordings.

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Julia - Features

Julia is one of the more recent computer languages (2012) and is used in various areas from machine learning, image processing to scientific computing, climate modelling and education. It's a fast language, both to write and run, thus making it very convenient for Data Science. Learn more about some of Julias amazing features.

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Julia - Speed

Julia is designed for performance from the beginning by adapting and extending modern programming language techniques. One of Julia’s great strengths for technical computing is its metaprogramming features, which allow users to write collections of related code with minimal repetition.

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All About Bicycle Gears. Could Less Really be More?

Have you thought about using "big data" from your training app to improve your biking experience? If not, check out this read about 1x drive trains, optimal cadence and GCI.

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Probabalistic Programming II

In this article we try regression and prediction using PyMC3 and a concept called Gaussian processes. And this famous german guy Gauss? How smart was he, really?

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Dealing with Uncertainty

Making good predictions is difficult, predicting the future is even harder. But let's start with a simple curve fitting example using probabalistic programming and go from there.

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The Birding Forecast

The Birding Forecast estimates the likelihood of finding a bird species on a specific birding location. When during the year are the chances higher to find a specific species and what species are most likely to see right now?

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The Probability of Birding

Could data science help you in your birding efforts? Perhaps, otherwise just check out the graphs to confirm what you already knew.
So let's dive into crunching the data from a birders perspective.

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AI and Machine Learning

The Mystery Birdname Quiz creates completely fictitious birdnames using AI/Machine Learning. Mixed with random real names it makes a bird quiz application.
The LSTM-model used was trained in a Python environment and converted to TensorFlow JS to run in the web browser.

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